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I’m not good at motivating myself at home, can I use the yoga swing at the gym?

swing-fitness says…

Yes but it depends on the gym. Lots of gym’s have fittings for other equipment like the TRX system which can also be used to hang the yoga swing from. Sports hall and gymnasiums often also have exposed beams that can be used. Remember you can always add extra straps or rope for high ceilings.

I’m busy, what time in the day should I use the yoga swing?

swing-fitness says…

The yoga swing is a very accommodating piece of gym equipment. Unlike other bulky heavy equipment, the yoga swing can easily travel with you. We had one gentleman who took his yoga swing to work and en route hung it from a railway station beam using it for 45 minutes between train connections! A lady in the UK hung hers at the park where she took her children every day. A builder hung his on site, and used it on his lunch break. Finding the time to exercise can be difficult but it’s important and our diverse yoga swing can make it that bit easier.

I’m pregnant. Can I still use the yoga swing?

swing-fitness says…

Yes. If you are body conscious and careful you will find the yoga swing will help you in a variety of ways. It helps with circulation for example and even just sitting in it with you feet elevated in the stirrups can help you to be comfortable and relive back aches and joint pains. Also, as the yoga swing is fully adjustable you’ll have plenty of options.

How often should I use the yoga swing?

swing-fitness says…

Like most exercises, the more often you use the yoga swing, the quicker you will notice improvements in your fitness.

Can my children use the yoga swing?

swing-fitness says…

Sure, kids in our experience find the yoga swing lots of fun. So much so in fact we even make a mini one just for them. Remember you will need to supervise young ones.

Do I need to meditate to use the yoga swing?

swing-fitness says…

It’s entirely up to you. There are lots of different types of yoga and the yoga swing certainly makes an excellent place to meditate but it’s by no means compulsory.

Is it possible to overstretch in the yoga swing? Can I hurt myself?

swing-fitness says…

Absolutely. You need to take care when stretching that you don’t overstretch and it’s quite easy to do. We suggest warming up properly first. As a general rule of thumb, stretch until you can feel it not until your in agony then hold for 3 to 5 seconds and repeat.

I like to build muscle. Can I do body weight resistance training, similar to TRX exercises on a yoga swing?

swing-fitness says…

Absolutely. You can do pull ups, inverted sit ups, press ups and countless more using a yoga swing . Remember you’re limited by your own body weight so you might like to consider adding weights to your workout too.

Yoga is done on the floor so why change that?

swing-fitness says…

Yoga is brilliant on the floor. If you use a yoga swing however, it will enhance your workout. For example, stretching whilst fully inverted is much easier with the aid of a swing.

I thought yoga was about strength. How can using a yoga prop help me with that?

swing-fitness says…

The yoga swing supports you in stretches and poses that you wouldn’t be able to achieve without it. Once you have done the poses a few times, you will build the strength and be able to do them unaided.

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