Yoga Versus Age

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As we get older the debate as to how to keep fit and healthy in old age becomes more critical. In recent weeks the issue of working, old age and living much longer has become the subject of the thoughts of the nation.

How do we all move into our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and retain health, fitness and mental alertness?

Back in 1947 when the National Health Service and Universal Pension was set up the expectation for a person retiring at 65 would have been to live 2 or 3 years, the burden on the state would have been financially small and the burden on the health service again also small.

In the years that have passed the age expectancy has risen substantially, such that people regularly live into their 80’s and 90’s and centenarians are not uncommon. So what do people do? People need to work and to keep active. There are reports now available that show that simply retiring and doing nothing adds to illness and depression in old age and probably is not the way to go forward.

What part can yoga play in this? It is of course accepted that peoples physical abilities are more limited the older you become. If you have practised yoga throughout your life or indeed practised a healthy lifestyle of walking and gentle exercise throughout your adult life you will enter old age in a much better physical and indeed mental condition to deal with the years that are to come.

The yoga swing can help you with precisely that, the challenges of exercising into old age. Its unique design allows the body to stretch and stress without the full impact of normal forms of exercise. It also allows the various parts of the body, the legs, arms and back, to be exercised gently but thoroughly by the use of its stretching abilities.

Of course younger practitioners may like to inverse and carry out all the more complex yoga moves which are available to those that own a swing but for the older person its installation is simple and its use can greatly help maintain the suppleness well into old age, being a safe way of stretching and exercising the body. This can be done at classes or in your own home with your own installed yoga swing.

Two of the simplest forms of yoga moves, namely the cat pose and the dog pose, can be enhanced and used by those people who have limited movement by incorporating a swing into such poses and allowing the swing to take some of the body weight whilst stretching the remaining parts of the body in the pose.

These are just two simple examples of what could be done, there are many more!

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