Yoga and Children

The yoga swing is quite simply one of the very best ways that children can exercise. How many of you remember back to your own childhoods where you could play in the streets, parks, schools and have those old fashioned things called playing fields many of which have now been sold off. Our children spend their time in front of the television or the computer screen and we as parents are simply too busy to organise their lives and provide exercise, or in the alternative we are manically running around from the swimming pool to the tennis court to the cricket pitch to the football pitch and everywhere else, becoming more and more shattered with the need to keep up with our children’s health.


Of course children should have good food, which is another issue entirely, but I thought about writing this when I saw a yoga swing hanging in my office and a lovely little four year old boy began to play on it. He did not know what it was for particularly, it was something to play on and as all of you may remember children have the very best imaginations. We lose that to an extent as we get older but children’s imaginations are the best, and he very quickly learnt how to hang upside down, swing on it, do the splits, do every form of exercise and he did not need to be taught. He enjoyed it for thirty minutes or so and then moved on. What he did not know but was obvious, was the amount of exercise that he was actually doing and the amount of enjoyment that he was getting from it.

Of course children need to be supervised when using any form of play equipment to make sure accidents do not happen but this was such a lovely, spontaneous use of a yoga swing that I think I have ever seen and I would recommend this to any parent and anyone out there so that their children can simply enjoy life. Take all the right precautions and make sure it is safe but this is just a wonderful way of exercising.

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