Children’s Yoga

A question I have been asked is ‘how young can a child start yoga?’

The answer to that is complex, children are growing and you do not wish to put undue stress on their joints at times of growth but for children who have difficulties in growing and also those who may suffer from ADHD and other attention deficit type disorders the use of yoga may well be a very calming factor in how they develop during the course of their childhood.

Kids on the yoga swing

Any child should be the subject of specialist assessment where there are medical and or environmental issues before embarking upon a course of therapy but in my experience children love yoga, they enjoy the stretching and the challenges that go with and in particular they enjoy using an aerial swing which challenges them.

All parents will know just how supple and playful children can be, to channel that play into the use of a yoga swing where their bodies are stretched and they are challenged in a friendly and appropriate environment is, in my view, a very good use of the energy of children.

Every parent will know that schools have now lost many of their playgrounds, our parks are full and houses and flats do not have the size of gardens that they once have. Playing in the streets as I did when I was a child is often no longer an option so what do you do with a child that has a great deal of energy and no where to expend it.

Well the answer to that can be quite simple, I know yoga practitioners who have hung an adult yoga swing in their home only to have it taken over very quickly by the children and young people within their house but we here at Swing Fitness understand this and have arranged for the manufacture of a child yoga swing. Of course all children need to be fully supervised in what they are doing and not left to their own devices but a parent will see very quickly that the use of the yoga swing within the house channels the children’s energy into constructive stretching of the use of their bodies and is good for them and they also learn the discipline of how to brace themselves and enjoy the challenge that is presented.

If you have any doubts then obviously consult a qualified yoga practitioner and supervise at all time the use of the yoga swing when a young person is involved but it does prove, and my own daughter has them in the home and my friends have them in their homes, that they can be great fun and a source of interest and excitement for a child and I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of the yoga swing for children.

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