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Swings and Roundabouts

Swing Fitness has teamed up with Om My God and Polotas to create swings and roundabouts!

travels the UK and Europe attending festivals, you can usually find us in the healing area where you can come and try our fantastic swings for free and even get yourself some tuition or an aerial yoga class!

Look round our super shop
Om My God where you can find everything from yoga manuals, mat bags dream catchers, and much more,

Browse our selection of toys and circus equipment from Polotas for all your festival fun needs, your never too old to learn to hula hoop, juggle or why not try some fire poi

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Yoga Connects (Full Moon Gold Ticket 3 days) was £240 now £204

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7 – 9 July 2017

We kicked off in 2015 with a boom! After successfully launching our first ever Yoga Connects festival we were voted one of the best 20 yoga festivals in the world by Cody App. You ask what we are about? We’re about Celebration, Transformation and Connection. We aim to cause happiness on the Planet.

We team up with renowned local and globlal teachers to bring their fun and eclectic styles to the mix with an awesome music line up to match. Yoga isn’t the only thing to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline going, we’ve got Shamanic ceremonies, Capoeira, dancing, drumming and raving.

For the more adventurous yogi who likes a challenge, we offer Ariel Yoga, Circus Silks and Acro Yoga.

Fancy something a little more relaxing? We hear you – that’s why we’re providing Yin Yoga, meditation, gong baths, hot tubs and spa & massage facilities, so you can put your feet up and wind down.

We know no weekend is complete without a little retail therapy so we’ve invited some fashion and jewellery designers to come and set up shop and inspire at the festival.

Full Moon Gold Ticket includes entry to Yoga Connects Festival from Friday July 7 at 4pm to Sunday July 9, 9 pm 2017.
Shamanic Opening Ceremony, all yoga, meditation, Kids Wild Spirits activities, Gong baths, talks, healing, Cosmic Zone, psychics.
Does not include camping.

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Om & Bass Yoga, Dance and Wellness Festival

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June 23rd – 25th June


The Om & Bass Yoga, Dance and Wellness Festival is back! This is our big outdoor event, connecting us with nature and one another for a sunset-yoga-dance-off.
www.wildhuman.co.uk for all the info.
FREE for kids, FREE camping, FREE parking, FREE solar showers and UNLIMITED workshops and classes!
Back to back yoga, meditation, dance, martial arts, crafts, music:
Amazing line up of reggae, funk and soul, + other live performances

Kids activities, kids adventure playground! This festival is Jam Packed of amazing things to see, do and eat!

The festival will be taking place at our usual stunning location, Braziers Park. Balancing our chakras in heavenly surroundings with like minded people, having a dance, laugh and a relaxing time. Back to back yoga, dance, meditations, crafts, martial arts and more. KIDS GO FREE, CAMPING IS FREE. Concessions available. Glamping available.

Please contact for Glamping: [email protected], luxury bell tents from £150 for 4 people for the weekend 🙂

Like the ‘Om & Bass Yoga’ Page on FB to follow the line up, teachers and bands.


We will have 2 x 90 minute yoga with meditation sessions available to chose from in The Yoga Barn or Karma Culture Area. Bonfire Bands will commence at sunset 😉

4.30-6pm and then 6.30pm-8pm. Music to follow.


Back to back yoga classes of various styles and levels running all day from 7.30am – 6pm

Back to back guided meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, yoga nidra, pranayama and chanting running all day 10am-7pm.

Creative and fun workshops from 10am-4pm


Back to back dance, art and martial arts workshops and demonstration from all over the world, for all levels, running from 10am-6pm.

Om & Bass Yoga Event will be from 6.30pm-8.30pm in the arena, weather permitting. Join us for a sunset chakra shake down.

Live music by the bonfire 9pm-11pm. Campfire jam afterwards. All welcome.


Back to back yoga classes of various styles and levels running all day from 8am-4.30pm.

Back to back guided meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, yoga nidra, pranayama and chanting running all day 8am-4.30pm.

Creative and fun workshops from 10am-4pm

Back to back dance, art and martial arts workshops and demonstration from all over the world, for all levels, running from 10-4.30pm.

All of the above is included in the ticket price, subject to availability.

Healthy, affordable food will be available for all dietary requirements (GF, V, VE, LF)

There will also be a variety of ethical stalls and treatments available.

Super Early Bird Tickets £85 for the whole weekend with camping and hot showers included. Tickets available until January 31st, 2017.

Early Bird Tickets £95 for the whole weekend with camping and hot showers included. Tickets available until April 1st, 2017.

Late Bird Tickets £125 for the whole weekend with camping and hot showers. Tickets available until June 25

All levels and abilities welcome. Beginners are catered for with love! Although this festival is focussed around yoga, health and well-being, there is no obligation to attend yoga classes. You can simply soak up the atmosphere and chill out. Children remain the sole responsibility of the parents during the entire festival. Concessions are available, just send us an email.

If you would like to contribute in any way, please let us know. Please send stall and workshop applications to [email protected]

Further enquiries: 07769614669



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Swing Fitness Aerial Yoga weekend

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5th -7th of May 2017

Now is your chance to try Aerial yoga if you haven’t already, and if you have, please come and practice with us at this intimate weekend in Sussex!
Join us round the fire with your instruments and voices, be part of our meditation circle, hang out in one of our 8 swings, throw a prawn on the BBQ, shop at
Om My God for festival and yoga goodies, have a go on some circus equipment, grab a snack at The Kitchen Table, make new friends and soak up the view from the hill!

We will start on Friday night with a fire, BBQ and Buffet, please bring something of your choosing to add to the table , some food and drinks are available but please bring your own food.
Camping is available in either camper-vans or tents in the horse paddock.

The Swings will be available throughout the weekend, you will have free times to play , as well as taking part in group classes which will be aimed at beginners. There will be opportunity for one to one sessions if anybody wishes, the ethos is relaxed and friendly . We hope everyone will come together and learn from each other at a pace which suits them and most importantly have fun!!!!!

The meditation circle in the Yurt will be on Saturday evening. Circus equipment such as hoops poi and stilts will be for sale and available for play, some instruments are available too but we encourage you to bring your own.

Well behaved Children are welcome provided we know in advance

Weekend with camper van £65 or £90 for two people.
Weekend with tent. £55 or £80 for two people
Donations for children.

Event on Facebook

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Yoga and Children

The yoga swing is quite simply one of the very best ways that children can exercise. How many of you remember back to your own childhoods where you could play in the streets, parks, schools and have those old fashioned things called playing fields many of which have now been sold off. Our children spend their time in front of the television or the computer screen and we as parents are simply too busy to organise their lives and provide exercise, or in the alternative we are manically running around from the swimming pool to the tennis court to the cricket pitch to the football pitch and everywhere else, becoming more and more shattered with the need to keep up with our children’s health.


Of course children should have good food, which is another issue entirely, but I thought about writing this when I saw a yoga swing hanging in my office and a lovely little four year old boy began to play on it. He did not know what it was for particularly, it was something to play on and as all of you may remember children have the very best imaginations. We lose that to an extent as we get older but children’s imaginations are the best, and he very quickly learnt how to hang upside down, swing on it, do the splits, do every form of exercise and he did not need to be taught. He enjoyed it for thirty minutes or so and then moved on. What he did not know but was obvious, was the amount of exercise that he was actually doing and the amount of enjoyment that he was getting from it.

Of course children need to be supervised when using any form of play equipment to make sure accidents do not happen but this was such a lovely, spontaneous use of a yoga swing that I think I have ever seen and I would recommend this to any parent and anyone out there so that their children can simply enjoy life. Take all the right precautions and make sure it is safe but this is just a wonderful way of exercising.

Yoga Versus Age

courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As we get older the debate as to how to keep fit and healthy in old age becomes more critical. In recent weeks the issue of working, old age and living much longer has become the subject of the thoughts of the nation.

How do we all move into our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and retain health, fitness and mental alertness?

Back in 1947 when the National Health Service and Universal Pension was set up the expectation for a person retiring at 65 would have been to live 2 or 3 years, the burden on the state would have been financially small and the burden on the health service again also small.

In the years that have passed the age expectancy has risen substantially, such that people regularly live into their 80’s and 90’s and centenarians are not uncommon. So what do people do? People need to work and to keep active. There are reports now available that show that simply retiring and doing nothing adds to illness and depression in old age and probably is not the way to go forward.

What part can yoga play in this? It is of course accepted that peoples physical abilities are more limited the older you become. If you have practised yoga throughout your life or indeed practised a healthy lifestyle of walking and gentle exercise throughout your adult life you will enter old age in a much better physical and indeed mental condition to deal with the years that are to come.

The yoga swing can help you with precisely that, the challenges of exercising into old age. Its unique design allows the body to stretch and stress without the full impact of normal forms of exercise. It also allows the various parts of the body, the legs, arms and back, to be exercised gently but thoroughly by the use of its stretching abilities.

Of course younger practitioners may like to inverse and carry out all the more complex yoga moves which are available to those that own a swing but for the older person its installation is simple and its use can greatly help maintain the suppleness well into old age, being a safe way of stretching and exercising the body. This can be done at classes or in your own home with your own installed yoga swing.

Two of the simplest forms of yoga moves, namely the cat pose and the dog pose, can be enhanced and used by those people who have limited movement by incorporating a swing into such poses and allowing the swing to take some of the body weight whilst stretching the remaining parts of the body in the pose.

These are just two simple examples of what could be done, there are many more!

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Children’s Yoga

A question I have been asked is ‘how young can a child start yoga?’

The answer to that is complex, children are growing and you do not wish to put undue stress on their joints at times of growth but for children who have difficulties in growing and also those who may suffer from ADHD and other attention deficit type disorders the use of yoga may well be a very calming factor in how they develop during the course of their childhood.

Kids on the yoga swing

Any child should be the subject of specialist assessment where there are medical and or environmental issues before embarking upon a course of therapy but in my experience children love yoga, they enjoy the stretching and the challenges that go with and in particular they enjoy using an aerial swing which challenges them.

All parents will know just how supple and playful children can be, to channel that play into the use of a yoga swing where their bodies are stretched and they are challenged in a friendly and appropriate environment is, in my view, a very good use of the energy of children.

Every parent will know that schools have now lost many of their playgrounds, our parks are full and houses and flats do not have the size of gardens that they once have. Playing in the streets as I did when I was a child is often no longer an option so what do you do with a child that has a great deal of energy and no where to expend it.

Well the answer to that can be quite simple, I know yoga practitioners who have hung an adult yoga swing in their home only to have it taken over very quickly by the children and young people within their house but we here at Swing Fitness understand this and have arranged for the manufacture of a child yoga swing. Of course all children need to be fully supervised in what they are doing and not left to their own devices but a parent will see very quickly that the use of the yoga swing within the house channels the children’s energy into constructive stretching of the use of their bodies and is good for them and they also learn the discipline of how to brace themselves and enjoy the challenge that is presented.

If you have any doubts then obviously consult a qualified yoga practitioner and supervise at all time the use of the yoga swing when a young person is involved but it does prove, and my own daughter has them in the home and my friends have them in their homes, that they can be great fun and a source of interest and excitement for a child and I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of the yoga swing for children.