Yoga Swings by Swing Fitness

What is swing-fitness?

Swing Fitness uses the swing as a tool to be used in your fitness routine. It’s widely used with yoga, sometimes known as Anti Gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga. It helps the user during yogic sessions by supporting you in poses. This allows you to deepen the stretch and hold for longer, building muscles. It also helps with confidence, particularly for wobbly things like hand-stands and head-stands!

Some of the yoga poses can be difficult to achieve on the ground, but with one of our high quality swings you’ll soon find you excelling yourself in ways you didn’t think possible.

The swing-fitness yoga trapeze in action

Who uses swing-fitness?

Dancers love the swing because of the freedom of movement the swing adds to a warm up and the intensity of the fitness levels that can be achieved. Palita teachers are fast moving towards incorporating the swing into their classes as it adds such great progression to their workout. Zumba, Aerobics, Trx and Body-builders are all finding the swing a great platform to add to their fitness regime.

And it doesn’t end there. Pregnant mums, people with back pain and other mobility ailments, people with poor circulation or blood pressure issues, new born babies, kids and big kids are all finding new ways to love Swing Fitness!

Swing Fitness is such a diverse way to exercise there really is something for everyone. Don’t forget, the workout you choose can be as gruelling or as gentle as you want it to be. All types of exercise are good for our bodies, our hearts and our souls. At Swing Fitness we believe it can be fun too! Lets face it there aren’t any other exercise systems that can allow you to get fit whilst just hanging out!

The swing-fitness yoga trapeze in action

Work with us

Swing-fitness is expanding fast. If you’re interested in becoming part of the team we are looking for people who are creative, talented, nice people of any age and background who think they have something to offer. Contact us and tell us how you would like to contribute